Chris M

Tari is the real deal sex coach!! We’ve spent thousands of dollars on relationship and marital coaching. I can tell you without a doubt Tari has it right. The man can take complex, sensitive, and awkward topics and make each party comfortable discussing it.

He has made me feel closer to my wife in so many ways in just a few short sessions. We’ve spent so much money on relationship counseling/ coaching in the past, but all we really needed was someone like Tari to spark the love again.

He just has a way to him that is non judgmental and it allows everyone to speak their truth on topics that are awkward and uncomfortable. He can take everything you said and break it down to pieces and help you figure out why you are doing what to do are doing, and all in a non-judgmental way.

If your having trouble in your relationship, give Tari a try, he is one of the best we’ve been to.

One piece of advice, engage in the small exercises he asks you and your spouse to go through at his office. It helps you understand your spouse, and it helps Tari figure out / diagnose what’s really going on.

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Briana G

This podcast came to me at a great time of life. After leaving a 6 year relationship that became very unhealthy I was reintroduced to the dating world. Closeness topics are interesting and I find myself listening to several at a time. I usually come away with a new perspective

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Holly W

My husband found Tari in a very sensitive and crucial time in our relationship. I, having been to many therapists, was skeptical because the others we went to didn’t really do anything to help our situation. However, the second we met Tari, I knew this was going to be different!

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