Hi, I’m Tari.  Creator of the Closeness podcast and Closeness Coaching.

Over 50,000 people listen to my material to learn how to be better partners and to live out a sensually rich life.  Listen to an episode or two of the podcast to see if we’re a good fit for one on one Closeness Coaching. 

Working together can mean:   solving why great sex has left your relationship even though you love each other, working through betrayal and finding trust and love again, more pleasure and connection with your partner no matter how long or little you’ve been together, finding your dream partner, working through performance anxiety, finally understanding how arousal works so you can turn your partner on in a BIG way, and mastering inner psychology to not get stuck. 


I take a different approach when it comes to intimacy

I don’t make you feel bad for not knowing.  Instead, I take a very warm, empathetic and sensual approach to sex that’s pro women, pro men and pro pleasure. 

I don’t waste time.  Like my get-right-down-to-it podcast, I am effective, to the point, and full of useful information you can actually do something with, starting right now. 

I don’t believe in lecturing about statistics, research and long winded stories.  Instead I show you how to focus on what works and what you can do about it now. 

I give away 80% of my material. I aspire to create content that is not meant to be consumed for single use, but that will last a lifetime.  The podcast is 100% free and is better  than anyone else’s paid content. 

In addition to sharing Closeness with you through the podcasts and Closeness Coaching, I’m also an acrobat who specializes in inversions and holding people overhead in a handstand.  Follow me @ElegantAcro – it’s a powerful way to share Closeness with others. 

With a good deal of travel under my belt, language has always been a passion.  I can manage a touch of Russian and French, but Spanish and Italian come easily.  Favorite travel destinations include Maldives, Necker Island, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kauai, Estonia and Paris.  

I’ve always shared as special connection with animals, especially with my cat. This photo is from Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island where I had the chance to play with lemurs, iguanas and toucans.