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Navigate the most difficult and hard to discuss subjects with your partner or on your own simply by listening to the Closeness podcast. Sizzling hot subject matter, thoughtful how to’s such as how to properly have sex, kiss and go down, navigating breakups, understanding infidelity, self care practices and more.  Pick a platform below and subscribe everywhere podcasts can be found.  Get acquainted with my style then contact me for your first session. 

REMEMBER HOW or learn to have hot, electric sex

Tasteful, world-class, no-nonsense sex and intimacy coaching.  Speak your mind freely in session knowing that your coach has a lot of experience with what you are going through right now.  Whether you’re single or in partnership, poly or monogamous, straight or other, open-minded or traditional, Closeness – Sex, Intimacy and Life Coaching will get you to where you want to be. 

It's fun to come together

Coming to sessions as a couple is a powerful way to create change.  Often couples love each other tremendously, but great sex has vanished.  Learn why and what you can do about it immediately.  Become more sexually confident together as we create a safe space for fun games, communication and exploration.  Become more sexually confident by coming together.

Support through betrayal or cheating

At the basis of betrayal is a secretive arrangement.  Discovering your partners secret can be the most devastating experience of your life… or there can be hope. I don’t condone cheating but I understand all sides of it.  I can help both of you through one of the most treacherous chapters of your life to either bring love, trust and sex back into the relationship or help you lovingly and safely move on if that’s what you choose. Whatever direction we take, I will help you recover your confidence.  

Are you single?

There’s no better time to work on yourself and encounter someone who is truly aligned with who you are today, than when you are single and in session.  Refine your sexual desires, get clear on what’s important to you, become the man or women you want to be, handle performance anxiety and master your inner psychology.  In sum, know thyself. 

RECONFIGURING TRADITIONAL relationships and breakups

We never think a break up is in the cards. But it doesn’t have to be the devastating experience we make them out to be. My top priority is keeping you together if both partners are on board. Closeness can also sensitively and safely help you and your partner through a conscious uncoupling, or we can reconfigure your arrangement into something more open and non-traditional, or vice versa.  

Get a new perspective on life

Travel wisdom, healthy communication, navigating life with children

Closeness and Couple's Acrobatics