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Have hot, electric passionate sex

Tasteful, world class, no-nonsense sex and intimacy coaching.  Speak your mind freely, nothing is off limits or out of bounds.   Whether your single or together, poly or monogamous, straight or gay, open minded or traditional, Closeness – Sex, Intimacy, Relationship and Life Coaching has you covered. 

It's fun to come together

Coming to sessions as a couple is a powerful way to create change.  Often couples love each other tremendously, but great sex has vanished.  Learn why and what you can do about it immediately.  Become more sexually confident together as we create a safe space for fun games, communication and exploration.  Become more sexually confident by coming together.

Support through betrayal or cheating

Working through betrayal is a process.  But together over time, we can bring love and trust back into the relationship and allow your sex life to flourish once again.  Rediscover your personal confidence and learn how to lovingly give and receive rejection.  

Are you single?

There is no better time to work on yourself and encounter someone who is truly aligned with who you are today, than when you are single and in session.  Refine your sexual desires, get clear on what’s important to you, become the man or women you want to be, handle performance anxiety and master your inner psychology.  In sum, know thyself. 

Sex ED and how-to's

Let’s be frank: no one is born a good lover. It takes time, practice, receptivity, vulnerability and repetition.  Sexual education with Closeness – Sex, Intimacy, Relationship and Life Coaching is fun, classy, tasteful and safe. 

Get a new perspective on life

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