Where shall we begin? Getting him to initiate Pre and Post Marital Guidance What to do with rejection Hotter or better sex Restoring love Safe and fun instruction  How to really turn her on Sexual communication Handling Rejection Life After Betrayal Surviving Breakups

Get Closer in 3 steps:


Get professional sexual guidance right now by filling out the Closeness online intake form.
Get immediate results and apply new tools and sexual strategies as early as the night of your first appointment!
Watch the work speak for itself as you become more intimate and close with your partner. If you love the results, stay on board and we'll keep improving.

How much does it cost?



$ 200

Per hour
Up to two hours
  • Fill out an intake form to get started
  • Get up to two hours of intimacy guidance risk free for 30% off
  • Get visceral results that you can feel and apply immediately


$ 250

Up to 1 hour sessions
No commitment
  • Pay as you go, come in as needed
  • No contracts, no obligations
  • In person preferred, virtual available


$ 900

Save $100
Cash / card / digital
  • Commit to ongoing results
  • 4 total sessions can be used within 60 days

  • In home visits available

All payment methods accepted:
Venmo, ApplePay, Credit Cards and Cash

Step into my office...

From the moment you step foot into Closeness, it’s easy to feel safe, build trust and get started. Explore the gallery below to see what it’s like. 


Hand sanitizer, 3 HEPA air filtration systems, extra air purifiers, air conditioning and heat, restrooms, and optional face masks.


A rain forest style view of trees outside a floor to ceiling glass window. Soothing art, warm lighting, plush white sofa, music of your choice more. 


Velvet drapery, candles, essential oils, a place to put your purse, cool fans and your own private exit when you can’t wait to get home and explore what you learned with your partner! 

What is a Closeness Coaching session actually like? 

I show you how it’s done

 By focusing on what works and  interacting in real time with you and your partner, change happens at an order of magnitude that is significantly greater than traditional talk only methods.

By engaging with each other in session, you’ll be able to restore physical and sexual attraction right in front of your partner. Get real time feedback on what excites them, shuts them down or turns them on in a safe space. 

Whether you’re monogamous, consensually non-monogamous, a sex worker or just in a traditional relationship, I can help.

We get right into it

Your particular situation is extremely sensitive. Your story may be highly specific, graphic or vulnerable. Other coaches and therapists may not be equipped to help because they have not lived it or do not have the level of actual experience to handle it. My advice and coaching comes from real world experience that works again and again.  

I am your personal advocate and take a warm, empathetic, direct and sensual approach to sex that’s pro-women, pro-men, pro-person and pro-pleasure.  There is no discrimination. 

We don’t waste time

 Like my get-down-to-business podcast, we will be effective, efficient, and to the point.  You will leave your first session with things to apply immediately to help you and your partner shift into a better feeling space. 

Guidance comes in the form of information and exercises you can apply immediately following your session or when you get home. If something isn’t clear, I can, with your full consent, show you how to get the result you’re looking for.  

Filling out the intake form is almost like a free consultation because it allows us to jump right in. 

I give away 80% of my content

The content created on the Closeness Podcast is timeless and lasts a lifetime.  It’s not click bait intended for single use consumption.  The podcast is 100% free and better than other  paid content available today.

 You will learn more from one of my free episodes than paying someone else to answer your questions.  

I pick the hottest and most provocative subjects to discuss in a classy and arousing way, that can be shared with anyone, including more traditional or more “into the lifestyle” friends and lovers. 

Countless reviews speak for themselves:

I invested in Tari’s is coaching package as a gift to myself and my wife as we were nearing our anniversary.  When we met with Tari for the first time, we were a bit anxious and uncertain of what he would ask and how we would feel. Within the first five minutes we were put at ease and could tell that Tari was a classy, heart-centered individual who has a passion for helping couple’s experience closeness and connection at the highest level!
My wife and I began to share stories of how we met, our history of ups and downs and our questions. Tari was a gentleman and guided the conversation into areas that we could explore safely while still touching on topics that we otherwise would never have had the boldness to do by ourselves. I have experienced many more coaching sessions since then and will continue to do so as I am seeing amazing results in my marriage.  
Now my wife and I continue to discover things about each other that we’ve never known, even after years of marriage and multiple children.  I am finding that we are getting that spark back into our marriage that we had before we had children. 
I would highly recommend anyone reach out to Tari for an open, candid conversation to see how they can improve their Closeness connection within their current relationship or to ready themselves for an emotional connection when they welcome in their next romantic relationship.

Evan, San Diego

Have better and more exciting sex tonight!

THIS is Not your average coaching session

Do you feel confident about satisfying your partner?  Is there room for improvement?  Do you feel resourced to move intimacy forward through all stages to both enjoy the process and get the result you’re looking for?  Can you stay centered, with eyes open as sexual tension builds? 

 What if you could actually ask for what you want and express your desires easily to your partner? We actually do this in session: safely and in an exciting way so that once you go home, you know exactly what to do next.  

With full consent and respect from all parties we can discover what excites  you playfully and respectfully so that you can apply it on your own.

 I know the questions to ask and the appropriate guidance to offer to open your partner right up and make things sizzle. 

I am your sexual translator

I heard what she said but whaT DO I ACTUALLY DO NOW?

How quickly do things turn into an argument or go sour? Are you trying to speak to her logically about why you’re upset but she only winds up feeling attacked and reacts with negative emotion or resentment?   This one issue alone is responsible for the break down of communication between men and women in relationships.

 As your Closeness Coach, I have a rare ability to put into words that which your partner often cannot.  

I am your sexual translator.

I can express things in a way that she or he can hear and apply.   I can mediate ultra sensitive subjects, navigate your breakup or help you come back together as  a third set of eyes and ears without the escalating and bickering.

Men don’t often speak subtlety and women don’t often speak logically… but I speak both languages when your words get lost in translation. 

Support through betrayal and cheating

Do you stay or do you go?

Have you discovered some intimate texts or communication from someone outside of your relationship?

Or is it an affair that has been going on for years and the lying has devastated you to the very core of your being?

Before we can even begin to restore what has been damaged we need to discover what’s true. Do you actually want to stay together? Are you open to restoring real trust with your partner?

These answers may seem obvious, but they aren’t easy to answer. Not when love, family, status, lifestyle and children are involved. I will personally help you discover what is real and what is true so that you can make choices that serve your relationship or I can help separate you in a safe and respectful way. 

The root cause


As men we rarely have a safe space to get real help.  We often can’t speak about why we’re hurting and that leads to not getting our own needs met and fearing our partner.

As women you often carry wounding that can make sexual play or opening up feel impossible. You want to be closer to your partner but your body shuts down or you get stuck in your head. I can help you  get your needs met in a way that doesn’t feel compromising.  It is possible to work through these sexual issues in a gentle and even playful or engaging manner without getting triggered. 

Through gentle and fun exercises in session we can bring out what needs to be healed so that you can explore intimacy  more fully with your partner. 



Heightened communication and presence

The way you hold and carry yourself in intimate situations so you are heard and felt while also being sensitive to your partner's needs is essential. We can transform your body language so that you feel more confident and sexually receptive as a partner.

Click the heading above to learn more

Feel deeply into your partner

Not with your brain but with your whole body. Not calculating and methodical, but open and receptive. Using your senses to feel, sense, touch, and taste your partner, I'll teach you all about the domain of the erotic and how to fan the flames of desire. Eroticism doesn't flourish in the suffocating space of control: knowing every detail about your partner and spending every moment with them... it needs room to breathe.

Sensual, sensitive touch

Teasing. Playing. The build up and the slow burn. Starting slow then ramping up to the perfect intensity that drives your partner wild, or having your way with her while keeping her safe and electrified... I teach healthy dominance, aggression and leadership as well as how to dial it back and be extremely soft and gentle. Learn to read your partner so you know which she needs most.

Click the heading above to get a taste

Powerful sexual chemistry

When your partner feels deeply aroused by you simply by being in their presence, no words are required. Yes, I can teach you eroticism and how to spark great chemistry.

Contrary to what many believe, chemistry can actually be created from nothing. In fact I did an entire episode on it found by clicking the heading above.

Sex Work


If you’ve been involved or are currently involved in the sex worker industry, I have experience to help you and your partner navigate what comes up. Maybe you want to transition from being poly to being monogamous or vice versa.  Closeness offers powerful solutions and communication strategies to make sure everyone is feeling heard, valued and most importantly… deeply satisfied. 



As a man, when you are hurting, or angry, where do you go?  When you need to cry or need to deal with your fury, that’s when you bring it to your coach, not your partner.

You want to do this *before* having a conversation with her.  Learn what it truly means to be her rock without repressing your emotions, so that her attention remains zeroed in on you and only you.  

 Life is not exclusively about  keeping her happy.  That’s her job.  It’s about learning to show up as the man you want to be while making time for the other areas in your life that matter, such as your health and wellbeing.   

We do this in a way that keeps her coming back for more without losing yourself in the process.