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Getting Closer is Easy

ONE: I work with both couples and individuals. Get professional, world-class sexual guidance now by filling out our intake form or simply scheduling an appointment.
Come in for your first appointment to get results and useful guidance immediately. Apply new tools, sexual strategies and discoveries as early as the night of your first session!
THREE: Watch the Closeness Coaching speak for itself as you gain more confidence and become more intimate with your partner. Stay on board for a couple months or come in as needed for a la carte sessions.

Please, step into my office


Hand sanitizer, 3 HEPA grade air filtration systems, 6 feet of distance, air conditioning, humidification, air quality readings, heat and restrooms.


A rain forest style view of nature with a striking floor to ceiling glass window. Soothing art, large gemstones, warm lighting, a plush sofa, nature sounds, pillows, and more. 


Velvet drapery, candles, floor to ceiling mirror, essential oils, a place to put your purse, and your own private exit when you can’t wait to go explore what you learned!  Closeness Coaching is something you experience.




$ 200

Per hour
Up to two hours
  • Fill out an intake form to get started
  • Get up to two hours of intimacy guidance risk free for 30% off
  • Get tangible results you can apply immediately


$ 260

Up to 1 hour sessions
No commitment
  • Pay as you go, come in as needed
  • No contracts, no obligations
  • In person preferred, virtual available


$ 1800

Save $280
Cash / card / digital
  • Commit to the program and get lasting results
  • up to 8 total sessions used over two months
  • In home visits available

All payment methods accepted:
Venmo, ApplePay, All Major Credit Cards, CashApp and Cash

What happens in a Closeness session? 


 First, we talk and get acquainted. Then, by safely and sometimes playful getting you and your partner to interact with one another in real time, you begin to have an experiential change that happens at an order of magnitude greater than traditional talk only methods.

By actually engaging with each other in different safe but sensual ways, you’ll be able to restore physical and sexual attraction and chemistry,  right before your eyes. Get real time feedback and coaching on what excites them, shuts them down, opens them up or turns them on in a safe, clean space. All of this is optional, but very effective. 



Your particular situation is extremely sensitive. Your story may be highly specific, graphic or vulnerable and you just need someone you can trust. Others may not be equipped to help because they have not navigated through it themselves or perhaps don’t have the actual experience or actionable suggestions to handle it. My guidance and coaching comes from nearly 3 decades of countless real-world experiences from around the globe, plus a constant dose of study and academia. All Closeness reviews suggest my method and disposition works again and again.  

I am your personal advocate.  I take a warm, direct and sensual approach to intimacy that’s pro-women, pro-men, pro-individual and pro-pleasure.  There is no discrimination.

Whether you’re monogamous, consensually non-monogamous, have a traditional or non-traditional relationship, I can help. 



 Like my get-down-to-business podcast, we will be effective and efficient from the get go while still giving you time and space to express yourself.  You will leave your first session with paradigm shifts and skills to apply immediately to help you and your partner get into a better feeling place. 

Guidance comes in the form of information and exercises you can apply immediately, as soon as you walk out the door. If something isn’t clear, I can, with everyone’s full consent, show you how to get the result you’re looking for by modeling it, explains it or demonstrating it.   

The Closeness online intake form in the menu bar also acts as a free consultation before coming in because it gives you the space to get it all out for me to review, before sitting down together. You are also welcome to just schedule and come in. The hardest part is taking the first step.   


When coming in to share the most intimate parts of your life, it’s important to know what does not happen in session. Let’s face it, we’re dealing with and talking about exciting or sometimes painful emotions around sex and intimacy. It’s ok for things to feel a little steamy. It’s alright if you get excited, or find yourself suddenly aroused for your partner. That’s the whole point! 

However to be clear: no one gets undressed and no one is engaging in actual sex acts in the office. It’s a clean, safe and sanitary place. 

You might touch, or kiss one another. You might remove a jacket or sweater if you’re feeling warm, but we keep it classy. Everything is tasteful. 

Talk only sessions are always an option as well and it’s always how things start. 

Closeness coaching needs to be experienced: 

Tari is THE BEST! I had been researching premarital counseling and intimacy coaching when I discovered Tari’s Closeness podcast. I was immediately hooked and thrilled to find out he offered in-person coaching. From the first communication Tari was welcoming, proactive in accommodating. My husband and I both look forward to our sessions, whether its a couples sessions or one on one. Tari has a superpower in translating my thoughts into a language my husband can understand. He has been able to dissect so many issues, anxieties and behaviors and then transform them with his exercises and expertise. We have been able to work through heavy issues (and comical issues) but always leave his office feeling happy and closer than ever!

Working with Tari has been the best investment in our marriage and myself!

Abi Gault, San Diego



Often clients who have gone through traditional forms of therapy, sex therapy, psychotherapy and marriage and family counseling, report back that the advice they received was rather general or bland when it comes to the granular detail that intimacy requires. I personally think therapists are a wonderful asset for our mental and emotional health, especially when seeing one on your own. But there are some subjects that may be better suited for…someone like me. 

You can share your deep, intimate, sexual or private thoughts, needs and desires without fear of judgement or overwhelming the listener. I can help you talk through subjects that you have never verbalized to another person outside your relationship, or perhaps even at all. It’s amazing what getting it out in the open can do to help you move towards a decision. 

 In session, I read the room, use language that you’re comfortable with and guide you and your partner in a respectful, sensual way that allows transformation happen the NIGHT of your first appointment. 



I heard what she said but whaT DO I DO NOW?

How quickly do things turn into an argument or go sour? Can you help her transition from being flustered to aroused? Are you trying to speak to her logically about why you’re hurt but she winds up feeling attacked and reacts with negative emotion or resentment?  This one issue alone is responsible for so much pain between men and women.

 As your Closeness Coach, I have a rare ability to put into words that which your partner often cannot.  

I am your sexual translator. 

I can express things in a way that they can hear and apply.  Finally! You will say to yourself.    I can mediate ultra sensitive subjects, say the words you never could, bring up and navigate topics that are too hot for the home and be  a third set of eyes and ears without the escalating and anxiety.

Men don’t often speak subtlety and women don’t often speak logically… but I speak both languages fluently.  

When your words get lost in translation. I am your man.


Do you stay or do you go?

Have you discovered some intimate texts or communication from someone outside of your relationship?

Or is it an affair that has been going on for years and the lying has devastated you to the core of your being?

Before we can even begin to restore what has been damaged, we need to discover what’s true.  Do you actually want to stay together? Are you open to restoring trust with your partner?

These answers may seem obvious, but they aren’t easy to answer. Not when love, family, status, lifestyle and children are involved. I will personally help you discover what is real and true so that you can make choices that serve your relationship or I can help separate you in a safe and respectful way. 


What does this guy know anyway?


Let me call out the pink elephant in the room: I am a man, helping women understand exactly what they may want and need sexually and I facilitate that journey. I get it. At first you might be unsure or skeptical. I encourage you to read through the countless reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and Apple that other women have shared. It’s not easy to share your story publicly, so the fact that these people have speaks volumes. 


 Indecisiveness is, often, a part of female nature.  How easy is it for you to make decisions and know what you want? It turns out that when most women come to my office, they aren’t entirely sure about what they need, or what they’re looking for.  Like all of us, they can use a little help or guidance. 


 It is not easy to communicate to your partner how exactly to be a better or more dominant or sensual lover… 

Women often cannot teach their partner the emotional intelligence part and they don’t want to. 

If that sounds a little like you, then we can do some really good work together. 

Often couples are embarrassed to come in because they feel like they are too young to “need this kind of help” or perhaps that they should know how it all works. . In a perfect world that’s true, but there is nothing quite like what I can provide for you or you and your relationship. Everyone can use a little support. 

Sometimes women carry wounding or pain that makes sexual play or opening up feel difficult. You want to be closer and you want to open up to your partner but your body shuts down or you get way too stuck in your head. I can help get your needs met in a way that doesn’t feel compromising.  It is possible to work through these sexual issues in a gentle way that gets results! It’s even possible to do it playfully or in a fun way, without getting triggered. 

Through talking and or gentle and fun experiences, we can bring out what needs to be healed so that you can explore intimacy more fully with your partner.



First, discover what is missing

The way you hold and carry yourself in intimate situations matters but we'll likely need to back up a bit to see where the pain points in her are.

Do we need to unlayer some bad or old habits? Are there things you're saying or doing that are hindering closeness?
How can you help her feel heard, validated and understood, in an attractive, confident way? We can transform your dialogue and emotional skills as well as your body language and performance so that you feel like a more confident and receptive partner. She needs to feel you as a man and feel safe with you before opening up.

Click the heading above to learn more

Genuinely connect with your partner

We think this part takes hours but in my office it can be done in seconds or minutes. Connect. Not with your brain but with your whole body. Not calculating and methodical, but open and receptive. How's your breathing? Your eye contact? Using your senses to feel, sense, touch, and taste your partner, I'll teach you all about the domain of the erotic and how to fan the flames of desire.

Eroticism doesn't flourish in the suffocating space of control, overbearing dominance or giving her too miuch her space, I'll teach you how to let the situation breathe and open up.

Explore with sensual, or connected touch

Teasing. Playing. The build up and the slow burn. Starting slow then ramping up to the perfect intensity that drives your partner wild, or having your way with her while keeping her safe and electrified... I teach healthy dominance, assertion and sexual leadership as well as how to dial it back and be soft and gentle. Learn to read your partner so you know which she needs most.

Click the heading above to get a taste

Follow through and execute

When your partner feels deeply aroused by you simply by being in your presence, no words are required. You have built powerful chemistry. Take what you've learned and enjoy the fruits of your labor at home for a steamy evening together. Yes, I can teach chemistry. Yes I can teach you how to harness it.

Contrary to what many believe, chemistry can actually be created from nothing. Listen to an entire episode about it by clicking the link in the heading.



As men we rarely have a safe space to get real help.  We often can’t speak about why we’re hurting and that leads to not getting our own needs met and fearing our partner. I’ve got a remarkable ability to help you get it out, even if it is hard at first, so that you too can get what you need. 

As men we are also expected to know. Know how to please her, seduce her, read her, love her and of course, have all of her pleasure zones perfectly mapped out. But what if you never learned how to do some of this or any of this? Where do you go for help? Closeness gives the necessary guidance to help get her turned on by YOU and YOUR touch, in REAL time, so that you can be more effective and powerful in the bedroom.

Through respectful and tasteful guidance, communication and experiences, you will go home with new skills to be more emotionally available and responsive and more on the first night of your appointment together. 

How will you know it works? Because you’ll watch her respond favorably to you, right before your eyes. 

Sex, love, seduction, intimacy, communication, connection… it’s a learned set of skills and does not have to be as daunting as you’ve built it up in your head to be. If you are the kind of man who can put his ego, or alpha -mentality to the side, and be present, I’ve got some great surprises for you. If you can be to learning a new skill, and you are willing to put in the work, you will notice you suddenly have a partner who respects you more and wants to follow your lead. 

 Learn to be a better lover without losing yourself in the process. Life is not about doing whatever it takes to keep her happy.  That’s her job.  But keeping her coming back  to you for more and more… fantasizing about you, getting wet in your presence… these things matter in successful, long term or short term relationships if you both are sexual people. 

 I help you become the man you want to be. 

Transition her from being flustered and upset to authentically being aroused and well taken care of...

Women are very malleable when you love them and treat them the right way. Often we are convinced that you need years, or hours of work to make things better, but if both partners are open to it, I can help you shift in minutes. 



If you’ve been involved or are currently involved in the sex worker industry, I have the experience to help you and your partner navigate treacherous waters. 

If monogamy doesn’t feel right for both of you I’ve got the expertise and wisdom you’re looking for to make transitions easy and fun. 

Maybe you want to move from being poly to being monogamous or the other way around. Maybe you need support from your partner to handle or deal with the kind of work you do in a healthy way…  Closeness offers powerful answers and communication strategies to make sure everyone is feeling heard, valued and most importantly… satisfied.