Be still for a moment and ask yourself:  what do you want?  What do you need?   What makes your bones ache, your fists clench, and your face flush?  If you know these answers, can you communicate them authentically to someone you care about?  When we find ways to ask for and receive the kind of affection, love, sex and attention that matters most, we feel desired, relaxed, confident, and ready for more.

You deserve to know more.  You deserve to experience deep, lasting pleasure and authentic, confidence with your intimate partner.  It is possible to attract the right partner, tune back into your instincts and have primal, connected, magnetic sex. Relationships do not have to be tiresome. 

You have so much more power than you know.  But satisfying yourself and your partner starts with a deeper level of confidence and presence within yourself.    




We are all searching for Closeness

Are you having sex more than once a month?  Whether your relationship needs deep healing, a minor tune-up, or some immediate tips on how to keep things exciting, Closeness Coaching works best when both partners come together.  You’ll practice radical authenticity and real communication and intimacy skills with a coach who can see what you cannot when you’re standing inside the relationship.

Men and women speak different languages, but it just takes a little coaching and practice to get onto the same page.  

Through Closeness Coaching, women feel desired, cherished and deeply sexually satisfied, and men feel respected, taken care of, appreciated and admired. 


Do you love having sex with your partner?  If you really think about it, are you comfortable with true intimacy… without worrying about what your partner is feeling or thinking?  Not just sex, but deep closeness with another person is what we all crave.  Do you want to make a change but find yourself feeling resentful or empty instead?  Intimate relationships extend far beyond the bedroom and are built on a platform of trust, honesty, and communication.   

We all want to be present but let’s face it, it’s hard to get out of your head.  Can you actually speak up in bed and tell your man what pleases you, what you like, and what turns you on… if you even know?  Finding a way to communicate with your partner in a way that she or he can hear and understand is essential.  As a woman you understand extreme subtlety and this is not often a language that men speak.  When you can vocalize your needs in a non judgmental way that doesn’t feel like an attack, you’ll find that your man can’t help but to satisfy you. 

You deserve to feel ravished, adored and cherished.  Or to be taken to the edge of what you can handle, and then spill over.. into more pleasure.  You have so much more control and power than you may think!  Whether it’s reshaping the way you approach intimacy or a desire to have better, more liberating sex and climactic experiences,  Closeness Coaching can help get you there.


When you get coached by another man, it’s a safe place to do the things we don’t often get to experience as men: get help, talk about why we’re hurting and get our needs met.  Your desires and path matters, especially if you want to be able to live a long term happy life.  It’s not exclusively about pleasing her, but about getting both your needs met in a way that doesn’t feel compromising. 

When we’re hurting about our partner, it’s often wiser to get coaching first, before you have that discussion with her, so you can show up as the man she loves and can’t get enough of.  Coaching for men is not about how to make your woman happy, that’s her responsibility.  It’s about learning to show up as the man you want to be and satisfying her in a way that keeps her respecting you and coming back for more without compromising yourself in the process.

Learn to keep your power, be the man you want to be and have her mind constantly thinking about you, not someone else, in a world where everyone is looking for the next best thing.  


Heightened communication

The way you express yourself intimately so that you are heard and felt while also being sensitive to your partner's feelings and needs.

Feeling into your partner

Not with your brain but with your body whole body. Not calculating, but opening and giving. Using all your senses to feel, sense, touch, and taste your partner.

Sensual, sensitive touch

Knowing how to start slow and then ramp up to the perfect intensity that drives your partner wild. Knowing when to stop before it's too much.

Powerful sexual chemistry

When your partner feels deeply aroused by you simply by being in their presence. No words required. Knowing how to give them what they love and how to discover more!

We all have questions about sex, relationships and intimacy.  But who can you ask without having a cringe-worthy exchange that inevitably leaves you feeling awkward and judged? 

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