Closeness - Sex, Intimacy, Relationship and Life Coaching



What do you want?  What makes your bones ache, your fists clench and your face flush?  

Asking for the kind of affection and attention that matters most, makes us feel desired and confident.

Experience deep, lasting pleasure and sexual confidence.  

Tune back into your instincts and have primal, connected, magnetic sex.  

Relationships do not have to be tiresome.  

You have so much more power than you think!  

I invested in Tari’s is coaching package as a gift to myself and my wife as we were nearing our anniversary.  When we met with Tari for the first time, we were a bit anxious and uncertain of what he would ask and how we would feel. Within the first five minutes we were put at ease and could tell that Tari was a classy, heart-centered individual who has a passion for helping couple’s experience closeness and connection at the highest level. 

My wife and I began to share stories of how we met, our history of ups and downs and our questions. Tari was a gentleman and guided the conversation into areas that we could explore safely while still touching on topics that we otherwise would never have had the boldness to do by ourselves. I have experienced many more coaching sessions since then and will continue to do so as I am seeing amazing results in my marriage.  

Now my wife and I continue to discover things about each other that we’ve never known, even after years of marriage and multiple children.  I am finding that we are getting that spark back into our marriage that we had before we had children. 

I would highly recommend anyone reach out to Tari for an open, candid conversation to see how they can improve their Closeness connection within their current relationship or to ready themselves for an emotional connection when they welcome in their next romantic relationship.

Evan, San Diego

I take a different approach when it comes to intimacy

I show you how it’s done

 By focusing on what works, interacting in real time with your partner, and through modeling, change happens at an order of magnitude that is significantly greater than traditional methods.

Create physical attraction right in front of your partner, and get real time feedback on what excites them. 

We really get into it

  Clients can be extremely specific, graphic and detail oriented to get the results they’re looking for while knowing their desires are safe and respected. 

I take a warm, empathetic, direct and sensual approach to sex that’s pro-women, pro-men and pro pleasure. There is no discrimination. 

I don’t waste time

 Like my get-down-to-business podcast, I am effective, efficient to the point, and full of useful information you can do something with from the get go. 

You will leave your first session with things to apply that will immediately help you shift into a better feeling space. 

I give away 80% of my material

I create content that lasts a lifetime, not click bait intended for single use consumption.  The podcast is 100% free and is better than other  paid content available today.

 You will learn more from one of my free episodes than you likely have from  paying someone else. 



Powerful solutions to sparking attraction once again in relationships that have lost their way.  Easy approaches to having more sex, finding desire again, and facing the challenges of finding time for intimacy with a busy life.   

 Closeness Coaching works best when both partners come together.  We’ll practice radical authenticity, deep listening and learn real intimacy skills that you can apply immediately.  


Do you enjoy having sex with your partner?  If you really think about it, are you comfortable with true intimacy or do you worry about what your partner is thinking? Do you try to change but find yourself feeling resentful or empty?  Intimate relationships extend far beyond the bedroom and are built on a platform of trust, honesty, and communication.   

It’s hard to get out of your head and yet often, you want him to read your mind.  Would you like to learn what you like and ask for what turns you on in bed?  As a woman you understand extreme subtlety and this is not a language men speak very often but Closeness helps you when you’re lost in translation.

You deserve to feel ravished, adored and cherished.  You have more power than you may think!  Whether it’s reshaping the way you approach intimacy and life or a desire to have better, more liberating sex,  Closeness Coaching can help get you there.



As men we rarely have a safe space to get real help.  We can’t speak about why we’re hurting and often can’t get our own needs met.  But if you’re a good man, what you want matters too.  It’s not only about pleasing, providing and listening to her.  You can meet each others needs in a way that doesn’t feel compromising. 

When we’re hurting or angry, the smart thing to do is get coaching first, before having  that conversation with her.  In a world where everyone is looking for the next best thing, learn what it truly means to be her rock so her attention remains zeroed in on you, the man she loves.  

 Coaching for men is not about  making your woman happy.  That’s her responsibility.  It’s learning to show up as the man you want to be while making time for the other areas in your life that are important.   We do this in a way that keeps her coming back for more without losing yourself in the process.



Heightened communication and presence

The way you hold and carry yourself in intimate situations so you are heard and felt while also being sensitive to your partner's needs.

Feel deeply into your partner

Not with your brain but with your whole body. Not calculating and methodical, but open and giving. Using your senses to feel, sense, touch, and taste your partner.

Sensual, sensitive touch

Teasing. Playing. Starting slow then ramping up to the perfect intensity that drives your partner wild... And then knowing when it's enough.

Powerful sexual chemistry

When your partner feels deeply aroused by you simply by being in their presence, no words are required.

Quality of Life

Gourmet cooking, interior design, luxurious minimalism and life coaching