12 Female faux pas to avoid in 2019

12 Female faux pas to avoid in 2019

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Here’s a taste of what’s in store when you tune to over 12 faux pas to avoid when interacting with others:

  1. Unabashed over exaggeration
  2. Erroneously flinging around psychological and clinical terms about others
  3. Minimizing other women and degrading them
  4. Exaggerating your girlfriends beauty
  5. Asking is she prettier than me (or any other comparison)
  6. The “I called you but you didn’t answer” syndrome
  7. Roping other men into your date
  8. Demanding to know others intentions while not showing your own
  9. Not knowing yourself
  10. Not recognizing that consent is different for everyone
  11. Referring to others as “wasting your time”
  12. Understanding the all or nothing principle
  13. The danger of short replies and communication through emoji
  14. Plus so much more…


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