5 easy steps to figure out what turns you and your partner on

5 easy steps to figure out what turns you and your partner on

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Open any self help book to discover the phrase, “communication is the key.” But do we in fact know how to communicate?  Are we shy? Do we say what we mean? Are we a great listener?  Do we practice non-violent communication? How do you know if your partner is even understanding what you are trying to express. We can’t hide behind the word, “Communication” and expect it to solve everything. We have to know HOW and WHEN To communicate and more importantly what specific things to say and not say, do and not do that will help bring us closer to our partner. Inside this podcast you’ll not only gain tips you can apply immediately to communicate better, but also learn how to explore your own body in a way that will allow you to unlock more pleasure. We’ll then look at how to ask your partner the right question to unlock their excitement.

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