5 of the biggest mistakes to avoid in 2019

5 of the biggest mistakes to avoid in 2019

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This is part of an interesting new series on how to recognize bad manners and behavior and what to do about it, regardless of your gender.  It’s easy to tell when someone is flat out rude but what does psychological warfare look like? The signs are subtle and there are countless pitfalls to avoid when communicating with others that will save both men and women a lot of pain.

Have you noticed yourself or others acting more and more frightened or timid in public or around strangers? We’ll shed some light on what’s going on as well as explore the damaging effect reality TV stars have on our daily life.

We’ll also discuss the perils of “stealing your partners thunder” when they are expressing a fear or concern to you and you, often unconsciously try to turn things around.   All of this and more can be found in this detail packed episode.


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