A sensual meditation and rampage of appreciation

A sensual meditation and rampage of appreciation

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Do you know exactly what gets you really turned on?  How about what puts you in that space of pure unadulterated sexual desire? We do, and in this episode you’ll discover why knowing what excites you can give you experiences that you never dreamed possible.

Then it’s time for one of our signature Sensual Meditations. Find a comfortable place to sit as you tune in to this fantasy that takes place in Rome.  Imagine closing your eyes and having us speak warmly and passionately to you about a variety of intimate subjects in a way that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of it all. We’ll describe it in rich, vivid detail so that it becomes easy for you to visualize the things you like and love about sex and closeness.

It’s a listening experience that is sure to delight.  Future Closeness Sensual Mediations may be available for purchase but this one is on us!


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