What a woman’s body is capable of, Part 3: Asexuality, arousal, anal and getting come drunk

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Sometimes a woman is ready to do something sexual before you are. Yes, it happens! The result can sometimes create frustration or negative judgment in men. Learning how to sensually navigate this when it comes up is not only important, it helps you understand what she goes through when you want to do something that she’s not ready for.

Some of us are asexual, inherently not sexual or simply don’t have a strong sex drive. We’ll examine what this looks like and how it plays out in relationships.

When it comes to initiating, especially in the beginning, women unknowingly tend to give men one shot before they shut down and don’t initiate again. This has more to do with a woman’s fear of rejection (and what it means to her to be rejected) than something you’re doing. But learning how to read her subtle cues helps both of you win in the bedroom.

We also encourage women to initiate more often and for both people to savor it!

This episode discloses several ways to turn a woman on and offers a rampage of appreciation for them. Finally, we’ll end our discussion with what it looks like when a woman get’s come drunk and it’s probably not what you think!


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