Claiming her, giving too much and knowing what to do when she just want to see where this is going.

Claiming her, giving too much and knowing what to do when she just want to see where this is going.

There’s no greater gift than when a woman has chosen you and is all-in! You can see it in the way her eyes sparkle and in her actions. She wants you and only you, and it feels fantastic! But how do you make sure it lasts and what happens if you put the whole thing on bruise control? Your lady may in fact already have several other suitors waiting in the wings to be her next partner and need only turn her attention towards one of them to ignite something new. That’s a terrifying thought!


We need to manage the connection and attraction so that your intentions are clear and no one gets hurt. If you’re a man who is the recipient of a woman’s love and you don’t value it, she’ll quickly find another partner to meet her needs. Women are masterful at shutting off their emotions once things reach a point of no return. We’d like to teach you how to recognize and avoid this.


Whether you’re the suitor or the woman being pursued, everyone would benefit from listening to this intricate episode.


Are you ready to come closer?


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