How to say no part 2: Manners and why men must do the approaching

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Have you ever learned how to reject someone in a considerate way? Have you ever thought about the best way to receive rejection? We have and we’ve got a lot to say about it.

We’ll also examine why men must approach as well as why women should be sensitive to this if they do not approach men or are incapable of doing so.

Many issues in relationships can be avoided simply by telling your partner what you’re feeling and how it’s making you feel. Showing compassion toward the partner who is hurt or being rejected is paramount. As simple as this sounds, we often tell everyone else what’s wrong while our partner remains clueless. We need to be able to give and receive rejection gracefully.

This subject is so vast we have spread it out over four parts. Part two continues with a deeper dive into compassion and empathy through sex, dating and love. Note: It is extremely important to honor someone’s boundaries and meet them where they are. We do not encourage pushing past anyone’s no. We do however encourage gentle communication, asking questions and having authentic discussions on the subject so that we can understand each other better and move closer to love.


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