How to turn a woman on with decisiveness

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Fewer things are more exciting to a man than a fully aroused woman. Interestingly, this is the episode that excites women the most. As men, usually we think about turning a woman on in person and with physical touch or sexual interaction, but we’d like to introduce you a whole new world.

In this powerful episode, we’ll learn some of the more subtle cues that get women excited before they even find themselves in the bedroom with you. Decisiveness, being directional and making decisions are a powerful way for men to express their masculinity, and for women to savor their feminine essence.

Further topics include:
Do women feel more safe around men who can make decisions?
Do women feel their best when they don’t have to think or plan?
Understanding the the art of being directional

Tune in to understand why being decisive is one of the best things you can do with and for your intimate partner.


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