Interview: A better sex life through dance with Daniela Goulart

Interview: A better sex life through dance with Daniela Goulart

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This powerful episode explores the roles of leading and following in dance and how that translates into intimacy and relationships. We’ll discuss why women who trust and follow in dance can also experience better sex and intimacy.  Then we look at how partners can get in touch with their masculine and feminine sides through movement. Can we use what we know about social dancing to help navigate our sex life and find closeness?

Daniela takes the conversation deeper by discussing some of the things we can do to make our partners feel safe when dancing.  Whether you’re new to movement or a seasoned social dancer, Daniela has got some great advice.

Finally, we discuss what to do when jealousy, frustration and anger come up  as well as how to make a woman shine while dancing with her.

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