Part 2 How to say no: Changing your mind and maybe

Part 2 How to say no: Changing your mind and maybe

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How many times have you changed your mind?  Perhaps you didn’t desire someone at first  and you later found yourself wanting them.   You said you were attracted to them, you acted like you were attracted and then suddenly something switched and you were no longer attracted.  Why is that?

As a general rule, men love to please women.  How then do you reject a man in a way that is healthy for both sexes?  Delivery and tone is everything. If feeling safe is a concern, tune in to learn how sugar coating, ignoring and making excuses can only makes it worse for you and other women in your tribe.

Additional topics covered:
Recognizing when women withdraw from you
What really happens when you pull back
Understanding “forced neediness”
Why being unavailable is a myth
Why expecting people to “get the hint” is a disaster
How to reign it in slightly when something is too much for your partner

What to do when they change their mind from a yes to a no, or a no to a yes? How do you navigate your own energy and desires when this kind of confusion sets in?

Note: It is critically  important to honor someone’s boundaries and meet them where they are.  We do not encourage pushing past anyone’s no. We do however encourage gentle communication, asking questions and having authentic discussions on the subject so that we can understand each other better and move closer to love.

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