Recognizing a breakup before it happens

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One of the most difficult and excruciating parts of relationships are breakups.  The before during and after can wreak havoc on us for months and years.  Yet they can be avoided simply by recognizing early warning signs. But why do we ignore them so easily?

In this episode we’ll help you recognize when someone is pulling back as well as the twisted truth about what really happens when they do.

When our partner withdraws, it can make you feel a sense of “forced neediness,” which isn’t healthy for either person. We’ll also look at why real communication fails through texting and why being “unavailable” is a myth. Finally, we’ll examine why expecting others to “get the hint” is the worst thing we can do when it comes to rejection.

When we learn healthy boundaries and own the ability to risk the relationship for what we stand for, we can say goodbye in a healthy way, rather than of holding on to someone who is toxic for us or not all in.

This is Part I of a II part episode.

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