Start Here. What is the Closeness Podcast?

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The Closeness podcast teaches us how to be intimate in the healthiest way possible.  Delivering content with a sensual but classy tone, we tackle and unravel tough questions about dating, sex, relationships and intimacy. Whether your single, married or somewhere in between, we’ve got well thought out and thought provoking answers for you.  If you are already getting sex coaching from Closeness, listening to this podcast is like getting free additional intimacy coaching and relationship advice, simply by tuning in and being present.

To kick off our first episode, we’ll define what Closeness is and discuss the vast number of intimate subjects we’ll be exploring in upcoming episodes. It’s a great primer if you haven’t been here before or just want to broaden your perspective on intimacy.

Are you ready to get closer? If you are moved by what we share and want to work together, our websites or offer one one one or two on one intimacy coaching. Please one of the most authentic and sexually charged podcasts available today.

Have  your intimate questions answered on an upcoming episode:

Dozens of listeners submit their questions to the podcast. Subsequently, they have more closeness in their life. Receive the answer to one of your question for free each month. Available for members at:
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