The final 13 deadly sins of online dating (Part 3)

The final 13 deadly sins of online dating (Part 3)

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In the final episode of deadly sins of online dating we discuss:

  1. Filler words to make your partner jealous: out with friends, doing this thing
  2. Being boring. Not answering direct questions. Getting offended that the man was “too” this or that
  3. I like to get to know people on the app first
  4. Not talking at all between setting up a date and your actual date. Being bad with your phone and horrible with your phone, admitting it and doing nothing about it.
  5. I just assumed you were…
  6. Everything is a red flag 
  7. Prove yourself to me. I’m better than you.
  8. Not merely a lack of punctuality but calling when you’re already late to let them know you will be even more late.  
  9. Encouraging your date to forget you – run away, get away, go do that, go get it done, we’ll just cancel everything. Being non committal
  10. Freaking out because you don’t like his approach. He has no idea who you are where you’re from what your morals are how you like to be treated etc
  11. Tell me something about yourself
  12.   Interviewing your date  but not sharing anything about yourself
  13. Telling a guy how you’d love to see him but never do

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