The intimate adventures of a 48 year old mother

The intimate adventures of a 48 year old mother

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This epodes is part two of the previous chapter. It takes the same juicy subject of intimacy and rather than hearing about it from a newly turned 21 year old, we explore it with a 48 year old mother. We cover a lot of territory including: Stigmas and judgements about homosexuality and is it easier for a woman to be openly bisexual it today’s society?  What are judgements  and is it possible to “not judge”?  Why I believe the concept of non-judgement is a myth. Double penetration.  What is true love, devotion and monogamy? Does being jealous mean you don’t “truly” love the person?   If you are jealous are you loving conditionally?  Why do people think that they’ll be fine if their relationship ends? A deep exploration of breakup pain.   Is it healthy to immediately start seeing other people after just ending a relationship? How to help someone with anxiety when they’re in pain.   Do men need women and do women need men?  What does it mean to need attention plus a few details about Persian culture. Enjoy! 

This was an anonymous interview

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