The next 12 deadly sins of online dating (Part 2)

The next 12 deadly sins of online dating (Part 2)

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The next series of deadly sins of online dating include:

  1. Looking approximately 40% worse in person 
  2. Saying what you “don’t do and won’t do” without compromise and being utterly disagreeable
  3. Having endless excuses for not getting together when you like someone and  not committing to a date
  4. Using snapchat filters on every photo
  5. Holding babies that don’t belong to you in your profile 
  6. Giving overly abbreviated answers   
  7. Using the phrase “Next time!”  
  8. Freak out if a guy asks you if your profile is real or if you are real
  9. Putting yourself in bad situations because you think you should  
  10. Only answering one question of several after reading the whole text
  11. I’m never on this site where I’m looking for a partner so – HIT ME UP ON SNAP
  12. Tricks and manipulative games  
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