To come or not to come. Whether men should finish and how women feel about it

To come or not to come. Whether men should finish and how women feel about it

One of the biggest questions of our time as it pertains to intimacy is whether or not a man should always “finish” when having sex. This episodes dives deep into the pros and cons and explores the little known avenue of pressure that women can place on men. Topics include:

0:00 Introduction

0:53 Societal expectations around finishing

1:33 Typical expectations around male ejaculation

9:10 Is a male orgasm bad?

12:03 The spiritual minded orgasm

13:17 Restraining for energy

14:44 Everyone has a different sex drive

17:43 Pressure!

23:15 There is no reward for marathon sex

30:58 Final thoughts on pressure

34:10 Final thoughts and tips

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