Why being “really busy” makes you sexually unattractive and totally undesirable

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Do you tell people how busy you are all the time? Is your response to people asking you out, “Can’t,” “I’m busy,” “It’s a really busy week for me,” or “I’m soooooo busy”? Do you ever follow this up with anything else or ask them out in return or do you make that statement and never say anything else?

There’s a huge difference between blurting out your current status and actually having a connected, present conversation.

How often do you intentionally look away from others? How often do you refuse a smile or not offer a hello because you are stuck in your head or staring straight ahead? It’s on trend to let everyone know exactly how busy you are as if no one else in the world has a busy life or could be as busy as you. Is it a competition? If you are a busy bee who is craving closeness but you don’t want people to tell you to buzz off, this episode is for you.

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