Confessions of an ex NYC male sex worker

In our first interview with a male guest, we’re pulling out all of the stops. Sebastien is an ex New York City rent boy and long term friend of mine. We’ll go in depth about his ‘job,’ the world of chemsex, his spiral into addiction and his recovery. Tune in to listen to his story […]

What to do and what it means when a woman says she needs space

One of the most difficult things someone can hear, is that their partner needs space. Nothing is clear, the terms are undefined, and once uttered it usually ends up in disaster. This episodes helps you get through it and tells you exactly what to do.

Part 2: How to properly handle, cope and deal with a breakup

One of the biggest challenges of being alive today, is handling, processing, surviving and getting through a breakup. In this 90 minute episode I am going to help you get through it. CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 2:45 You are probably in crisis right now 7:09 We look for ways to resent our partner to get over […]