Charlie B

Tari is a true joy to practice with and is knowledgeable, supportive, and fun-loving.  The way in which he consistently strives for enjoyment and excellence in all areas inspires others around him to do the same.    He helped to show me aspects of myself that I either wasn’t aware of or needed extra confidence with, and he spoke and acted with kindness, compassion, and encouragement.  He’s also fully honest about who he is, and he openly shows himself to the world.  This leads others to be drawn to him and to be comfortable with him.

Tari is fully present as both a student and a teacher, and he is a sponge for new knowledge.  His understanding of the body and his own body-awareness help him to coach others and show them just how much is possible.  He teaches that so much more is possible than we believe.  It’s extremely easy to find a friend in Tari, and he’s a pleasure to spend time with.  If I didn’t live on the opposite coast as him, I would definitely try to spend more time with him – as a friend, a student, and a co-teacher.  If you have the opportunity to learn with Tari, I highly recommend it.