Lisa C

Tari’s Voice has become a soothing, wise and experienced friend.  A touchstone of deep life experience, conversations of sincere respect of both sexes, thoughtfulness and a truly balanced point of view that I believe remarkably represents both male and female behaviors, thoughts, feelings and experiences uncannily well.

Tari is a gifted thinker and speaker. He has a rare and important message and as this podcast reaches more and more people it will no doubt impact so many lives and relationships in such profound meaningful ways.

Listening has made me  question and reassess so much in my relationship with my husband. Tari has encouraged me to re-ask myself, “What do I need from my partner?”   “What turns me on?”  “What qualities do I admire and respect a man?”  What specific things aren’t working for me now and what can I identify that I am not clear on an expressing? All vital questions to ponder and find answers to if one wants to powerfully create anything such as a fabulous fulfilling relationship with others in life.

I feel lucky to have this show in my life and get so excited for new releases. Each one thought-provoking, nourishing and so refreshing.   If you haven’t already, subscribe NOW and get ready to laugh, smile, shift your perspective, ask yourself questions, grow… And in all honesty, probably be really turned on sometimes too 😉