Sarah B

When I first met him, I knew from the start that he was so special.  It’s a blessing that Tari’s amazing personality gets to shine through this website and all the events he creates. Tari knows what life’s about and works daily on living it to its fullest, I think that “thriving” is his motto.  Always open to share his numerous passions and experiences with the lucky people that surround him, you’re immediately touched by his generosity and his natural ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease.
Tari is the right person for you if you’re ready to see life from another perspective if you’re ready to open up… and simply blossom.  He will warmly welcome you in his unique world with an open mind, a very kind spirit and that thirst to discover yours. I’ve experienced that myself and let me tell you that there’s nothing he doesn’t accomplish in his daily life without grace and delicacy. This is Tari, a person I trust, a friend very dear to my heart.