Soraya L

My friends and I had the fantastic opportunity to stay at Tari’s beautiful and tastefully appointed estate one summer ago for two months.

When it was time to reflect back on what had happened, it was clear that what we experienced had been far beyond our expectations. And all this was mainly for one reason: because Tari is an amazing,  generous person who knows how to take good care of others and who loves to share. I’d say he has been gifted with a gracious personality and the power to make everyone (and I do insist on the “everyone”) feel very comfortable and at ease when he is around.

Tari always knew how to keep us entertained and we got the chance to experience all of his specialties.   He, for example, knows how to use techniques your body will respond the best to. Tari really feels into what you like and we got to enjoy this relaxing/magical experience many times, for our greatest pleasure.

But above everything, Tari is a very charming and warm-hearted person, who is very inspiring on many levels and has numerous skills that he loves to share.