Chris M

Tari is the real deal sex coach!! We’ve spent thousands of dollars on relationship and marital coaching. I can tell you without a doubt Tari has it right. The man can take complex, sensitive, and awkward topics and make each party comfortable discussing it.

He has made me feel closer to my wife in so many ways in just a few short sessions. We’ve spent so much money on relationship counseling/ coaching in the past, but all we really needed was someone like Tari to spark the love again.

He just has a way to him that is non judgmental and it allows everyone to speak their truth on topics that are awkward and uncomfortable. He can take everything you said and break it down to pieces and help you figure out why you are doing what to do are doing, and all in a non-judgmental way.

If your having trouble in your relationship, give Tari a try, he is one of the best we’ve been to.

One piece of advice, engage in the small exercises he asks you and your spouse to go through at his office. It helps you understand your spouse, and it helps Tari figure out / diagnose what’s really going on.

Briana G

This podcast came to me at a great time of life. After leaving a 6 year relationship that became very unhealthy I was reintroduced to the dating world. Closeness topics are interesting and I find myself listening to several at a time. I usually come away with a new perspective or an ability to explain something that is important to me with my significant other. Thanks for your podcast Tari!

Holly W

My husband found Tari in a very sensitive and crucial time in our relationship. I, having been to many therapists, was skeptical because the others we went to didn’t really do anything to help our situation. However, the second we met Tari, I knew this was going to be different! He has helped our relationship more than any licensed therapist has ever helped us. He is real and phrases emotions and feelings in ways I have never heard them phrased. He gives me words to things I didn’t know I could explain in words which in turn helped me understand myself and strengthen my relationship with my husband. I love how he has helped my husband to open up more about his feelings and most of all, how he has given us multiple ways to look at a situation. Thank you Tari for all that you do for us! I can’t wait to have our session with you tonight!

Brandon P

Tari is phenomenal at conversation, advice, and guidance on all things intimate.  His counseling services — and Tari himself —  feel safe and comfortable.  It’s not weird or a big deal to talk to him about any topic.  You won’t feel judged or odd.  In fact, you’ll feel the opposite! Him and his services are empowering and liberating.

Kimberly G

Listen to the Closeness podcast to get a sense of Tari’s classy, tranquil style…and you’ll be even more impressed to meet him in person. Tari is able to give direct, specific observations and corrections without ever coming across as anything less than supportive and encouraging. I’ve been grateful to work with Tari and appreciate his calm presence and exceptional communication, evinced through the quality of his precise and thoughtful responses. Being in Tari’s presence reminds one to be in the PRESENT MOMENT – Tari has a gift for making those around him feel valued and present.

Marilia B

If you are looking for understanding on topics where you never knew who to turn to, Tari is the one.  He will never make you feel judged and just completely understands. It is amazing how much understanding he has of us women, our needs and wants. Tari has made such a great impact on how I see and deal with my relationships and the loved ones around me. I am now able to understand aspects of myself I have always struggled with and had already discussed with a previous therapist. Most professionals do not know how to approach the intimate topic so wonderfully as Tari does. He is so professional and at the same time makes me feel so comfortable to talk about anything and everything. Thank you for being so great and for continually helping me understand myself.

Luliana F.

WOW!!! If you need to get help in person that’s fully tailored to your own individual needs, Tari is very easy to connect with, extremely prompt, professional and compassionate. Tari is the personification of “common sense” and nowadays common sense is not so common.  Seeing him in person makes a world of difference.  Then there is this podcast.  I enjoy it immensely! It’s extremely easy to find yourself immersed in listening to Tari! He covers universally relevant subjects so directly and in such a down to earth, compassionate manner.  He has a fresh, simple and elegant approach to human relationships and beyond. Everyone can find help or learn something new by listening to the Closeness Podcast.  I hope I have ignited your curiosity either to contact Tari directly for Closeness Coaching or at the very least to tune in right away to the podcast! Happy Listening!

Taylor S.

Absolutely love it!! Recently started listening to this podcast and after the first one I was hooked and binge listened to the rest.  I fell in love with Tari’s way of speaking, calm demeanor and personality. Tari has a way of discussing uncomfortable yet relatable topics with tactfulness, sensitivity and good taste… not to mention his voice is so soothing and easy to listen to!  The relationship advice and provided tools are so sexy and exciting, they make me want to apply them in my own life and relationship.  His health and self care advice is inspiring and makes me want to be a better person.  Boy does he know what women want, need and desire.  Make sure your man listens to it as well.   Ladies, I recommend listening to “a sensual meditation” or “Sunday morning” and having a little fun 😉 Thank you for your time in creating such a wonderful podcast! Please keep them coming!!!

Brenna D.

Tari challenges me to think deeper about insecurities and behaviors I engage in subconsciously, by bringing them to awarenesses so that positive change can occur.  He creates a safe space, allowing vulnerability to discuss intimate or difficult topics. He is truly interested in listening and discovering with you on your journey of personal growth and is gifted in knowing the right questions to ask. I often struggle finding the right words to express feelings and his exceptional use of language allows freedom for those thoughts to be articulated more clearly. Tari is a wonderful person to nurture personal growth so that you can strengthen your relationships with others.  Both our conversations and listening to this podcast have allowed for some much needed reflection.  His communication is encouraging, his presence is safe and conversation enlightening.


One of my favorites! Tari is so insightful and thoughtful.  He takes the listens on a journey with him as you learn and explore ideas with some very smart and knowledgeable people.  I find this podcast very helpful when looking at the relationships in my life and I am so thankful for the work Tari is doing.

Sarah M

Closeness became my favorite podcast from the first sound of Tari’s soothing voice. He draws you in with auditory pleasure, then stimulates your mind by speaking eloquently and honestly about the topics you’ve been dying to know more about, but too afraid to ask your friends. It’s so refreshing to find a place to get real answers about sex and relationships, without any judgement. I love that the podcast is so inclusive, as Tari speaks to those in all types of relationships (whether you’re single, dating or married) and sexual orientations. Tari is part sex coach, part talk show host and part erotic novel hero. He’s the type of person whose mere presence elevates the people around him, causing them to become more aware, present and relaxed. His voice is soothing, his smile is genuine and his advice is based on both experience and principles that work. Tari is also extremely sensitive to the specific needs of individuals and I find it highly refreshing that as a man, he has a deep understanding of what women want. Through my own conversations and experience with Tari, I’ve felt heard and understood, never judged. I highly recommend connecting with Tari so that he can help you experience more closeness with your partner or partners, and ultimately, a deeper relationship with yourself.


This podcast came to me at a great time of life.  After leaving a 6 year relationship that became very unhealthy, I have been reintroduced to the dating world. Tari’s topics are interesting and I find myself listening to several at a time. I usually come away with a new perspective or an ability to explain something that is important to me with another person.

Kendra C

So much yes! First off, I love the shorter format of each episode. It keeps me engaged and interested throughout. I wanted to say thank you to Tari for offering conversations and experiences about connection and intimacy that are real and raw. I love that he explores it in a way that’s safe, authentic and makes me think.


I invested in Tari’s is coaching package as a gift to myself and my wife as we were nearing our anniversary.  When we met with Tari for the first time, we were a bit anxious and uncertain of what he would ask and how we would feel. Within the first five minutes we were put at ease and could tell that Tari was a classy, heart-centered individual who has a passion for helping couple’s experience closeness and connection at the highest level. My wife and I began to share stories of how we met, our history of ups and downs and our questions. Tari was a gentleman and guided the conversation into areas that we could explore safely while still touching on topics that we otherwise would never have had the boldness to do by ourselves. I have experienced many more coaching sessions since then and will continue to do so as I am seeing amazing results in my marriage.  Now my wife and I continue to discover things about each other that we’ve never known, even after years of marriage and multiple children.  I am finding that we are getting that spark back into our marriage that we had before we had children. I would highly recommend anyone reach out to Tari for an open, candid conversation to see how they can improve their Closeness connection within their current relationship or to ready themselves for an emotional connection when they welcome in their next romantic relationship.


I met Tari in person, and from the first time we spoke, I felt like I could tell him even the most intimate of things without judgment. I can honestly say he has made a meaningful impact in my life through his podcasts, and even more so through our one on one interactions, which, candidly, are some of the most meaningful and authentic one on one interactions I’ve ever had with a person. Tari offers a judgment free zone–and I can’t stress that enough–to discuss and process any number of issues. Among other things, he has personally helped me (and continues to help me) overcome deeply rooted insecurities and their effects in my relationships. He is so truly gifted in his ability to listen, understand, and advise. If you’re struggling in relationships of any kind, from sex to self-love, see Tari, you won’t regret it!


I love the podcasts on Closeness! They are fun, engaging and perfect for any person who thinks they know everything about sex, hahaha!  Just when you think you know it all Tari will chanllge this belief along with many others about sexuality. His podcasts always show both sides of the “subject stick,” I believe he calls it, and provides multiple insights on all topics discussed. He surely speaks from experience and has gained my trust as an intimacy expert/trustworthy coach in just one podcast (which I’ve listened to twice actually.  If you’re curious check it out it’s called Deep Listening, The Oral Sex Edition. An in depth exploration of how to go down.


The Closeness podcasts dives into conversations most of us will never have, or even think to have, yet are incredibly needed.  Sex and intimacy can be polarizing topics, but with Tari they’re an open forum to discover what joys await each individual, should they so desire.  The way he approaches both the viewpoints and experiences of both males and females is useful to further understand how we can bring more fulfillment to our sexual partner(s). After each listen, I feel less self-judgement and more openness, and of course, closeness, to myself, my partner, and humans in general. Thank you Tari for sharing your insights and experiences with the world!


This podcast has had a profound impact on my intra-personal and inter-personal experiences.  I turn to these episodes whenever I feel a need for guidance as I go through my life and Tari never lets me down.  In three words: Smooth, like butter.


LOVE because I totally relate to these topics and they are  VERY informative and NECESSARY for all who want growth towards CLOSENESS.  We ALL have different opinions but Tari does the best job at eliminating as much bias as possible and opening us all up to infinite, helpful, elevated perspectives. JUST DO IT. Listen.  Feel hella intrigued.  Real life closeness help…

Lisa C

Tari’s Voice has become a soothing, wise and experienced friend.  A touchstone of deep life experience, conversations of sincere respect of both sexes, thoughtfulness and a truly balanced point of view that I believe remarkably represents both male and female behaviors, thoughts, feelings and experiences uncannily well. Tari is a gifted thinker and speaker. He has a rare and important message and as this podcast reaches more and more people it will no doubt impact so many lives and relationships in such profound meaningful ways. Listening has made me  question and reassess so much in my relationship with my husband. Tari has encouraged me to re-ask myself, “What do I need from my partner?”   “What turns me on?”  “What qualities do I admire and respect a man?”  What specific things aren’t working for me now and what can I identify that I am not clear on an expressing? All vital questions to ponder and find answers to if one wants to powerfully create anything such as a fabulous fulfilling relationship with others in life. I feel lucky to have this show in my life and get so excited for new releases. Each one thought-provoking, nourishing and so refreshing.   If you haven’t already, subscribe NOW and get ready to laugh, smile, shift your perspective, ask yourself questions, grow… And in all honesty, probably be really turned on sometimes too 😉

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Real sexual guidance to help you and your partner get to a better and more erotic place.  Full support through navigating different sex drives, approaches, attachment styles, and different ways of getting aroused. Learn to successfully navigate betrayal, breakups, misunderstandings. Most importantly, learn to have better sex immediately.  In office, in home or virtual sessions available.  


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With your consent, I offer safe, real world demonstrations, guidance and support to help your partner initiate, advance and be more successful through all the stages of intimacy.  I help you immediately step back into your sexual roles, and articulate what you want, verbally and non verbally, from the very first session.